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Artworks I adore <3


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[WP] Wall-E Eve Wallpaper by TronicMusic
[WP] Wall-E Eve Wallpaper
I didn't die.......tbh i'm getting there tho lmao.
Also damn no more pones? :V Yes there will be, just decided to do something different c:
I want to be more active with art stuff tbh but like I've been busy as fak, so I hope you understand <3
I'm satisfied I guess c: only thing I'd work more on is probs the shading but aside from that, it's all good.
I still got it after all these months, haha ;v;

Vector Eve Version Only: [Coming Soon]
Wall-E Eve Wallpaper Variant: [Coming Soon]

This was made by the pure fact that I was watching Wall-E today after like what? so many year later and I forgot it was a good movie ^.^
Decided to share my enthusiasm for that movie again by doing some of the characters c: Eve's first.(Side Note: Wall-E was suppose to be first but I forgot whoops)

4 Hrs 25 Mins

Need help on important choices...

Cast on votes on these polls on twitter on what I should do:……
Lol taking a break soon, hopefully that means I can start to be active again on this site <3
It returns by TronicMusic
It returns
Get this horse out of my screen help :V.
It's been a while,hi there
Anyways I vectored a thing like how I used to before, till I became focused on music and life.

I'll be doing more art whenever I can alright? c:
I also got help with the pose itself, from the show S5 episode starter (where Starlight Glimmer was smiling being all cute and evil n shit c: )
I just added the tongue :V i've been slacking hard with drawing in general so i'll need to get into the groove of it all within time.

Also sorry but i'll be deleting the majority of my old artworks, download them now while you can :V

Programs used for this piece:
Inkscape (Vector)
After Effect (Background)
Moving Onwards........

Welp I feared this day coming,but I need to do this ahead of time and say this now in order to move on to my official name and to recover fully. Starting 2016 I will no longer make pony music and will move onwards towards my official alias Cadeonic.

What does this mean for the my big project SKYFALL,well I not just throwing that away damn :V I worked too hard for that project to not end or die off,instead I’ll release it under another name in my official alias c: however the ones already out (Astro Starlights, Eminence Incadescent, and Into Everfree) will be out of the album.

Missed Hearts EP will be the last EP i’ll release under the Ponytronic alias as for the last single as Ponytronic it will be named Finale (Neverending). However Zetzl still has a good chunk of songs left so I’ll either make a LP or an album for that alias. Don’t worry as for MLP remixes either. I got a good batch of songs to release including Season 5 remixes to be released soon.

I really didn’t think I’d leave so hastily but recently my life has been in a halt of what do to next. The two paths I have both require my fullest of attention and sadly means I’ll be making less music related to MLP. [Depending on how things go tho I won’t stop producing,evident with the stuff I teased in my Cadeonic SoundCloud :V]

Emotionally: I can’t put it in another way but I’m drained with inner conflict with close friends,gradutation from highschool,working, and losing loved ones in so trying to find love but sadly couldn’t. I haven’t been keeping up with the fandom these last few days and honestly their are better musicians within the fandom you all should listen to instead of me. Ultimately I couldn’t do what I wanted musically…….it always came out wrong in one way or another (till recently my latest singles and LP are things I was aiming for from the start) The only way I see myself recovering normally is if I let go of this alias mainly just to lay my emotion as ease and for myself to not have such intense feelings of the past on my shoulder.

What will this mean for my content, well I won’t delete it…………only hide it………. in YouTube anyways (Unlist all my videos) but my music won’t be deleted on bandcamp so it’s best to download and hear them there. Don’t worry i’ll make a master playlist on YouTube with all of the videos,have them up a week and then unlist it (just save the playlist you can watch all of the videos) I also won’t shy anyone away simply by being a brony :V as most musician who leave tend to do. I honestly love this community too much to do a thing like that and if it weren’t for this community I would have made my music as a reality and making into a possible future career <333 (serlously I owe the community so much but I sadly don’t have much aside from my music </3)

If you’re still reading this,truly thank you for the two years I publicly been apart of the fandom (4 if you count when I started watching MLP back in mid 2011 to early 2012,but I was a nobody till 2013) It’s because of you who is reading this that I did all of this to begin with and I hope you follow me on my next journey into the music scene with Cadeonic.

Thank you truly I honestly don’t deserve all the fans and friends I’ve made on the way but i’ll make all of you proud soon <3

~Sincerly Ponytronic/Zetzl

Moving Onwards (Little by little)
Not a definitive goodbye yet,but just giving you all a big heads up on what's gonna happen in the next few months.
(The category is random :V make no mistake this is an long overdue update I owe you guys)

Journal History

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TronicMusic has started a donation pool!
470 / 3,000

Depending on who I can find,the goal will change...........I want a OC plushie :3 and possibly get points for requesting artist,maybe get premium and stuff, and will be given a thank you note ^^, note do this only for your generosity of your heart and do it if and only if you really don't need the points.......or very kind c:
Thank you and have a nice day!

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